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ShoppingTomorrowAfter some months of hard work by 660 experts from the retail, finance and travel industries, chairman Ed Nijpels of (homeshopping council The Netherlands) could present the book ShoppingTomorrow to representatives of eCommerce giant, politician Kees Verhoeven (D66) and Prof. Dr. Miša Džoljić (Rector Magnificus ans CEO of Nyenrode Business University).

CRUX’ Sander van der Blonk was chair of the Direct Marketing expert group within Shopping 2020 and responsible for one of the 30 chapters in the book. Answering the main question: “In what ways does the consumer in 2020 shop?” And: “How can businesses adjust, adapt and anticipate on the huge changes to come?“.

With the book, some of the most influential experts on eCommerce have bundled their knowledge and experience. CRUX feels proud to have contributed.

More info on the project: ShoppingTomorrow You can also read more on the specific Direct Marketing findings.

Some quotes on ShoppingTommorow:

ShoppingTommorow will give decision makers valuable insights that are helpful in making the right choices.Daniel Ropers, Managing Director
ShoppingTommorow gives a clear vision on how the consumer will shop in 2020 and what opportunities that implies for businesses.Robert Otto, vice-president Achmea
The impact of the Internet on B2C sales can not be underestimated. ShoppingTommorow gives you clear advice how to handle that.Joost Romeijn, CEO Sundio Group

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