How to innovate marketing with marketing cloud technology?

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Whereas marketing is the struggle to capture people’s minds, hearts and wallets, technology has always changed how marketing works.

In 2015, this will be no different.

  • Printing technology and broadcast technologies brought us new forms of news and brand entertainment.
  • PCs and the Web led in the beginnings of the digital age, enabling customers to easily search for information and to establish direct contact with brands’ content, commerce and service.
  • The surge and adoption of social media and mobile technology resulted in anytime, anyplace access to information, including the opinions of friends and concurring buyers.

In 2015, we will begin to see the impact of rich customer data and marketing cloud technology on marketing performance. With solutions from such companies as Adobe, Oracle and, isolated engagement channels may get tied together into frictionless, omni-channel experiences based on the uniqueness of individual customers.

Evidently, selecting the marketing cloud technology which is best for you is just one side of the coin. The main -and possibly, more complex challenge is overcoming status quo organizational behavior, hierarchical departmental structures, and competence gaps.

By consequence, implementing marketing cloud technology is not the same as going from A to B, in a straight line. First, marketers need to envision what to expect and decide what could be beneficial and what not.

Marketers will then begin to realize how interrelated it all is (data, technology, content, value propositions, channels) and may have questions that they can’t answer independently.

In 2015, therefore, we will also see the adoption of learning journeys and guided trial frameworks. These novel approaches precede technology purchase and implementation and are meant to grasp the ramifications of new marketing cloud technology.

The crux of it all:

  1. Marketing (cloud) technology is radical innovation. The knowledge required to exploit it is very different from existing knowledge.
  2. Similar to food preparation, one needs to appreciate the recipe and its mix of ingredients before actually cooking the dish. Learning journeys and guided trial frameworks help you do just that in regard to Marketing Technology. Bon appetit!

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