Forward Marketing Institute launched

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Advanced learning courses for future oriented marketing professionals

By launching the Forward Marketing Institute, initiated by CRUX Digital together with a respectable number of partners, push the development of the ‘marketing professionals of the future’ a major step forward. The first track to be launched in the autumn of 2015, educates experienced marketing professionals to take the role of Chief Digital Officer. Tracks for Growth Hacker, eCommerce Director and Marketing Automation Manager are in the pipeline.

“The marketing practice transforms from a gut-feeling based activity to a fact-based profession”, says co-founder Sander van der Blonk (CRUX Digital). “At the same time we observe that existing educational programs pay little or no attention to the technological revolution that defines the future of the marketing profession. Marketers struggle with the great variety of tools and super specialized vendors providing the pieces of the future marketing paradigm puzzle”

By introducing the Forward Marketing Institute the founders introduce a new educational model.

“Carefully selected experts with a vast track record in the daily practices of their specific specialty will create so-called learning tracks. These learning tracks consist of carefully curated content that will be made available to the participants in an online educational environment. In this way the face-to-face follow-up sessions (moderated by the experts) provide the opportunity to focus on interaction and in-depth discussions by exchanging experiences and insights linked to the provided content. Next to that hands-on sessions to experience state-of-the-art tools are an important part of the learning track. Last but not least ample attention will be given to the personal competences that are essential for the transition to future oriented marketing. We call this combination of theory, practice and social interaction ‘forward learning’

The start of The Forward Marketing Institute is supported by a number of reputed partners. World players such as Adobe, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle are committed to the initiative. But also parties that have a proven track record at national and European level, such as eFocus, Oxyma, Rockstart, BrandPit, Total Identity and VODW, contribute to the Forward Marketing Institute.

In short: forward partners, forward learning, forward marketers.

For more information see: (Dutch version)


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