100% certain: 2015 is the year of obsessive customer centricity

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This is the time to produce and publish predictions for 2015. And at CRUX, we like to keep it simple.

2015 will become the year of obsessive customer centricity.  Whether B2B or B2C, there is no going around that customers explicitly or implicitly exert unprecedented power, over buying processes and perceived brand value. Through any channel, both digital and non-digital.

From a marketing and technology point of view, therefore, 2015 will be the year of CMO’s and CIO’s building relationships of trust. And harmonizing tech investments to acquiring, keeping and servicing customers in engaging ways. Full stop.

With it comes the notion that Marketing Technology is key for boosting future business success.

That is what we do for a living @ CRUX: Helping Marketing and IT work together. And deploy advanced Marketing Technology for obsessive customer centricity.

We thus look forward to 2015!  Do you?

Happy holidays!


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